Monday, March 27, 2006

counting the days down...

so the days are going by quick. and i'm realizing i'm about to embrace a new life. or at least "add a chapter" to it, or some other stupid cliche. moving from my hometown of columbus, ga to a new job in boone, nc should be fun. i keep telling myself that, everybody does really, but i am worried about it. what if i hate it there? what if i'm not cool enough and just sit at home and work, and don't make any new friends?? what if i have to start working the streets to make ends meet?? what if... okay the picture has been displayed, if you don't get it, well...

i can tell its going to be a rather enduring process, moving my stuff, with my parent's help. i mean, i'm grateful for it. but i know my mom wants to take a zillion pieces of furniture and pots and pans and stuff. but really, i need two plates, two bowls, a few forks, spoons, and knives, and a couple of plastic cups and i'll be good. i don't forsee having anyone over for dinner anytime soon, and by having two of each, i can have one in the sink for washing while using the other. and i got my microwave, toaster, and coffee maker. all i need is a pan to do stir-fry and stuff in, and a spatula. i mean, what else is there?!?

going to work then ride tomorrow. looking forward to it. peace

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

riding, racing, random other stuff

so since my last post, we did a race in athens. the we being tony valenzano and paul hein. and me too. we had a blast. made some friends, paul told some girl there "my buddy would like to call you sometime." and well, somehow or another, i now have her phone number.

so some random pictures...

yep. going to the race team meeting tonight. later!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

race #2 of the year

so i went to reddick saturday, rode, then proceeded to go to orlando to meet up with jd and mandy. we went to a restaraunt called kahuna's. the first thing i could think about was i wonder if they have a big kahuna burger. like from pulp fiction. and then i saw it on the menu and asked the bartender "is this where they got the idea for big kahuna burger?" and he laughed.

so i raced sunday. it was fun. fast. duh. but fun. i finished a little lower than i would have liked. but i'm racing up a category. its like if you raced cat 4 on the road instead of cat 5, when you should be racing cat 5. sort of.

i came in 15th out of 18 in sport senior men. 19-29. years that is. it was a pretty stacked class, if you saw the top five or so guys, you'd wonder why they weren't racing expert. although, i think a lot of people tried to race down because it was so hot, and each lap was almost 10 miles. so a report... i did 19.20 miles. in two hours and some change. not much change though. like 2:05:00 or so. my HRM read 2:10:00 after my 5 minute recovery period. as far as HRM goes... my avg was 177, my max was 200. i was in my 40-60% zone for 0% of the time. was in 60-70% zone for 4% of the time, and in my 70-80% zone for 94% of the time. so at least i was pushing myself. i hurt really bad right off the bat, which reminds me i gotta learn to start off sprinting for two minutes. and learn how to warm up better. alrighty then. i dropped a gu on the first lap. by the second lap, i stopped to pick it up. still unopened, un-run-over. man it was good. i was running on two 32 oz. nalgene bottles of cytomax, a 24 oz bottle of water, 100oz of camelback water, and a 20oz cytomax on the bike. early into the second lap i started feeling better, it could have had something to do with the 2 gu's, 4 enervit chews, and 3 hammer endurolyte pills. i pushed a bit harder through the second half of the second lap than i think i did the first time around, but my second lap time was longer still. oh well. if anyone wishes to see the results they're at

thanks for reading this!! unless of course, no one reads this... then thanks for nothing. hahaha. pictures will be posted soon.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

rollin rollin rollin

rolling down to reddick florida for SERC #1. this will be my second race of the year. i'm hoping for a top ten finish, but with the lack of riding i've been doing, i just want to have fun. results will be posted when i get back. have fun at the wheels o fire ride. see you monday at the space science center 6:00.


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

drumroll please!!!

okay, its official. i'm leaving the wonderful town of columbus at the end of the month. i found a job, and an apartment in boone, NC. its so cool there!!! i've never moved before (cities i mean), but i guess i will be soon. the bike shop is cool, they sell trek specialized cannondale, and occasionally indy fab!!! thats independent fabrications for those who don't know... and mountains. oh my gosh, there are so many mountains. its just super pretty and the people were all nice but very culturally diverse. people with tattoos and purple hair, people with dreads, people in hippy-esque outfits, "regular people" and more. i went to a coffee shop in their downtown. it was a really cool place, right next to an outfitter store and a rock climbing wall. and there are two ski slopes or three. three i guess. within ten miles. sugar mountain is hosting a NORBA event this summer. and two of my xc buddies are going to come up for that. isn't that right guys!!!! plus, ski lifts open soon on the weekends for downhill bikes... sjfgkldjhgkwejhjekgj wow!!!

thats all for now.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


so i have been riding. working. sleeping. riding. sleeping. looking for new jobs. sleeping. riding. you get the idea. or if you don't well... in the words of carlos mencia. duh-tuh-ta. if you haven't seen the show, you wont get that either. if you have. well. yeah.

and the one wildebeast is like ::nods its head to the back:: and then in the back of the herd...

we rode in auburn on sunday instead of athens. the trail in athens was closed. but we wanted to get out of town. we rode roughly 19 mi. i haven't ridden my DH bike since last friday morning, with mike greathouse at phenix city. i decided that is the back-burner bike for now. i want to ride road and SS. then after the SS race start riding long road rides. trying to do a 100 miler on april 22. yeah i dont know why either.

on the job front... i'm hoping to go up to boone, NC soon to meet the owner of a bike shop. i've been reading about the town and it looks super cool. Appalachian state is there. the average age is like 20 or 21. rent for 1 bedroom places is right around $400. and there is a ski resort about 10 miles away. can we say shuttle runs?!? or better yet. ski lifts!!!

okay. thats it for now. peace.