Tuesday, May 20, 2008

burn24 rapidly approaching, this guy

so two things are of note and interesting enough to discuss:

1. the burn 24 hour race is going to be here in four days and 4 hours... i rode some laps sunday at the venue: 5 laps in 4 hours. i figure if i can do AT LEAST a lap PER hour minus sleep time (ie 2 hours total??) then i can bust out at least 22 laps. granted, thats counting on NOT having a mental breakdown, stroke, heart attack, delusions telling me to jump in the lake, nausea, out of body experiences and/or falling asleep while riding. my goal is 18-22 laps. i really want a top 10. we'll see.

2. this guy (matt hadley):

and this guy (daniel sessford):

just finished 8th and 10th respectively at the 1st stop of the canada cup mtb series. way to go guys. they also stayed on my floor and hung out, trained, and cooked a rad dinner for me and darcy while they stayed in boone, nc recently. they're friends of friends that race bikes and we met up at the serc #4. they got 1st and 3rd there, but the canada cup had some bigger fish racing. great job guys, eh!?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

rainy sunday trail running...

54 miles. 6hours 25minutes. thousands of feet of elevation gain. the burn24 is coming quick!

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Friday, May 09, 2008

SERC # 4 Ducktown, TN XC

at the serc #4 ducktown, tn race:

yes the 2nd place kid is 13 and the 1st is 18 but they're future u23 national team.... it didn't bother me too much. i haven't really been training for xc races so i was very happy with a 5th place finish.

now its a 7 hour training ride sunday getting ready for the burn