Sunday, March 27, 2005

spring break

all in all this was a good spring break. went to fla. came back and found a bad ass house on 18th ave. gonna move in may 1. cant wait. got a easter basket. going to a non-easter dinner today. worked my three days. my feet hurt. not anymore, but they did hurt. i got a thermos. its neat. so i can ride with coffee and not spill it. gonna stop typing. i feel like mark. nobody cares about me. tear...

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

all good things must end.

i guess thats a cheesy cliche, but its true. we got to west palm beach sunday night, and tomorrow morning around 9am, it will end. we're hopefully gonna hit the turnpike around 9 something and begin our nine plus hour drive home. and then i work three consecutive open to closes. woo hoo. i hope to go ride in thomaston sunday. but i am gonna have coffee then go to sleep. goodnight to all. jg

Thursday, March 17, 2005

a birthday and a sad day

rachel turned 23 or something like that... hence a birthday

and the u.s. senate approved drilling for oil in alaska.
sort of depressing.

i worked today. well yesterday, since its thursday now. also st. patricks day. wear green.

i need to go to bed.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

today is the day my life changed forever...

i finally got my computer. it seems like years, okay 10 days, since i ordered it, but it was def. worth the wait. i'm gonna go back to playing with it some more.
powerbook g4
it goes on...


Monday, March 14, 2005

me trying to look cool Posted by Hello

Sunday, March 13, 2005

::cough:: ::sniffle:: ::ah-choo::

being sick sucks. my throat hurts, and i had a raging fever. my head hurts too, but thats the least of my concerns. i searched the house for advil. none. tylenol. none. cough syrup. none. seeing the trend here? but yesterday had its high points too.

1. worked on a habitat house.
2. took a three hour nap on a saturday.
3. had a saturday away from work. woo-hoo.
4. my iPod shuffle shipped from suzhou, china.

for anyone here...or here...i dont know if these links will work or not.

5. i watched american beauty for the first time. i liked it a lot.
6. had a huge steak for dinner.

but oh yeah. i was sick. if anyone actually reads this i'm sure you'll be thinking what a douche or deutsh or doosh or however its spelled, but i hate feeling shi++y. and when you feel shitty and complain, just remember me. i think feeling sick, especially when you didnt bring it on yourself, is a reasonable time to complain. i mean if you go out and roll around in the snow naked, thats probably your own fault if you get a cold. but whatever.

i rode my bike friday night in phenix city. i rode the enduro with newly installed fox vanilla rc coil shock. i also had to zip-tie my headlight on the handlebars. forgot my mount, oh well. it was a good time. i rode for about an hour and fiteen (yes i know its fiteen) minutes. and i did a bunch of climbs. dont ask me why. it seemed like a good idea at the time. and as i was ready to leave my shock started making noise. i probably should have put a small layer of grease on the bolt that the shock bushings sit on. hmm. anyways. i was gonna leave out the cool trail, but didnt want to put up with an extra twenty mintues of schquweek-schquweek (you get the idea?) so i wussed out.

today may have so far been the laziest day of my life. i woke up around 8am, still feeling like ass, in a cold sweat of fever and my moms crazy thermostat antics and fleece pants, chawing on cough drops and trying to hock (haugh?) up a big wad of snotty stuff from the back of my throat. sorry for the details, but its imperative to knowing how shitty this morning was. i kept alternating sides, laying on my left, then rolling over to the right, trying to figure out which way was better. neither was. i managed to go through about twenty cough drops, and only remember opening and popping about five, guess i got good at it in sleep. i finally got up to get some oatmeal and drank some vanilla soy drink i found at publix. i went back to sleep. i finally got up when i realized i was drooling and well, thought to myself, this is enough. so i crawled into the shower and was comforted by really really hot water. i dont even remember if i actually soaped up and got clean or if i just enjoyed the really hot water equalizing the temperature of my fevered skin. but i managed to stay in bed until about 12:45. thats probably the most wasted time of my life considering i went to sleep around ten thirty last night. oh well.

i think its karma.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

mmm. whiskey

had to change that song. my powerbook is on its way. yippee


Sunday, March 06, 2005

coffee. mmm. good.

i bought a powerbook last night. :) its 11:11pm. make a wish.

i rode my bike today. jumped off dangerously tall stuff.

i have to work tomorrow. ugh.

double space.



Thursday, March 03, 2005

update for nobody

tonight i did a night ride in phenix city. i rode with patrick. he finally got his rmx. i did the black ladder drop twice. we did the rock ladder drop by the river. we both rode the logs a couple times. i rode the tall ladder by the logs. we both did the jump into the valley up by the construction. i did the ladder near the rocks on the exit trail. i was proud of that. fo sheezie.
thats it

make like a tree and leaf.