Sunday, March 13, 2005

::cough:: ::sniffle:: ::ah-choo::

being sick sucks. my throat hurts, and i had a raging fever. my head hurts too, but thats the least of my concerns. i searched the house for advil. none. tylenol. none. cough syrup. none. seeing the trend here? but yesterday had its high points too.

1. worked on a habitat house.
2. took a three hour nap on a saturday.
3. had a saturday away from work. woo-hoo.
4. my iPod shuffle shipped from suzhou, china.

for anyone here...or here...i dont know if these links will work or not.

5. i watched american beauty for the first time. i liked it a lot.
6. had a huge steak for dinner.

but oh yeah. i was sick. if anyone actually reads this i'm sure you'll be thinking what a douche or deutsh or doosh or however its spelled, but i hate feeling shi++y. and when you feel shitty and complain, just remember me. i think feeling sick, especially when you didnt bring it on yourself, is a reasonable time to complain. i mean if you go out and roll around in the snow naked, thats probably your own fault if you get a cold. but whatever.

i rode my bike friday night in phenix city. i rode the enduro with newly installed fox vanilla rc coil shock. i also had to zip-tie my headlight on the handlebars. forgot my mount, oh well. it was a good time. i rode for about an hour and fiteen (yes i know its fiteen) minutes. and i did a bunch of climbs. dont ask me why. it seemed like a good idea at the time. and as i was ready to leave my shock started making noise. i probably should have put a small layer of grease on the bolt that the shock bushings sit on. hmm. anyways. i was gonna leave out the cool trail, but didnt want to put up with an extra twenty mintues of schquweek-schquweek (you get the idea?) so i wussed out.

today may have so far been the laziest day of my life. i woke up around 8am, still feeling like ass, in a cold sweat of fever and my moms crazy thermostat antics and fleece pants, chawing on cough drops and trying to hock (haugh?) up a big wad of snotty stuff from the back of my throat. sorry for the details, but its imperative to knowing how shitty this morning was. i kept alternating sides, laying on my left, then rolling over to the right, trying to figure out which way was better. neither was. i managed to go through about twenty cough drops, and only remember opening and popping about five, guess i got good at it in sleep. i finally got up to get some oatmeal and drank some vanilla soy drink i found at publix. i went back to sleep. i finally got up when i realized i was drooling and well, thought to myself, this is enough. so i crawled into the shower and was comforted by really really hot water. i dont even remember if i actually soaped up and got clean or if i just enjoyed the really hot water equalizing the temperature of my fevered skin. but i managed to stay in bed until about 12:45. thats probably the most wasted time of my life considering i went to sleep around ten thirty last night. oh well.

i think its karma.


Anonymous said...
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RB^2 said...

think? THINK? by now my dear there is no question about the state of your karma...tsk tsk tsk.
how'd you get sick again anyway? rollin around in snow or somethin?