Sunday, June 28, 2009

tomorrow marks mine and darcy's one year wedding anniversary. we decided to celebrate it saturday night with dinner at gadabouts (our caterer last year) and the lazy bear lodge (our lodging last year) and then followed it up with hiking down hunt fish falls trail in wilson creek pisgah. pictures:

a view upstream on lost cove creek:

someslowguy and his wifey. she was swimming:

happy couple with crazy florons or boy scouts or something in background:

an ant carrying some of our picnic lunch away:

happy anniversary darcy. =)

p,s, we get to eat our frozen chris bennett cake in a couple days. yum

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Massanuttan Hoo-Ha. more disturbing facts

a week ago i made the trip to harrisonburg, Va saturday night after work for a midnight arrival to the fawley estate. thanks ryan. bike racers in the harrisonburg area awoke to clear skies, really warm temps, and a pretty fun day of bike racing.

my race was only one lap so i tried to make my way to the front of our pack before we got on the tight twisty stuff and basically rode a good solid 12.5 mile race without much to write about. it was really really rocky, muddy in spots, and downright dangerous in a couple spots. the ridge was good and it dumped out and after a couple short climbs and some ripping fireroad we're doing this crazy sidehill chute to the finish. i roll across the line, they tear off our bib number and staple it to a wooden board. pretty high tech. i got 3rd. i'm not unhappy with 3rd or anything, but i really would like a 2nd place, or better yet, the win. for now i'll settle for 3rd and look to the cowbell XC with my eyes set on the top step.

in other news i stumbled upon some disturbing facts:

Mens Cat 2 (19-29) Cross Country Rankings in NORTH CAROLINA
(right-click to bookmark these settings)

2009 Name License
Rank Points Results
1 120 2 Charlie Ledford 290837
2 95 2 Christopher Hoina 267918
2 95 2 Kell Bond 292854
4 87 3 Mark Ryan 274564
5 60 1 Daniel Sapp 190986
6 50 1 Joseph Grimes 242647
7 45 1 Jarrett Ficker 249334
8 11 1 Andrew Martin 284342

oh well, if any of the races i do would submit results i'll be way high up that list. BFH

Thursday, June 04, 2009