Wednesday, September 28, 2005

i want to ride my bicycle...

so i got my surly put all the way together. heck yeah. the white one is the surly. the newest one. the white and black one is my specialized allez road bike. it is an allez comp frame with a campagnolo chorus 8 speed gruppo.

i rode tonight at flat rock park. it was fun. i had my lightset, the helmet mount one, and a blinky for a tail light. i had a flat. thank goodness it was up front, or i'd been fooling with a 15mm wrench in addition to my pump, and tire lever. note the single lever. i used my allen wrench set as another tire lever. dont recommend it though. i enjoyed it. i rode the first loop, the loop across the rocks, the kiddie loop, and the middle size loop. i found out the kiddie loop is .31 miles. the medium loop is .66 miles. the larger loop didn't get clocked because my chain slipped, i got flung foward, and my left ankle met up with the end of my pedal. needless to say, it hurt a bit. so that was it. later.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

goodbye weekend 2

its sunday. the week went by quick. i had an ebay auction end. started putting my singlespeed together. its not done, but close. its rideable, to and from work... but not off road yet. i'm getting a surly flip flop hub this week. so next weekend, i'll be ready to roll. work has been okay. brian and i set it up so i leave at 5 on thursdays. work 12-5 on monday, and 11-7 tues, wed, and friday. then like 10-6 on saturday. i wish we could either close or open a full day on mondays. its just so tough saying our hours. "12-5 monday, 11-7 tues through friday, 9-6 on saturday."

i rode my road bike wednesday. only about 32 miles. with a 16.7 mph average or something. slow-ish. i would have ridden friday morning, but i slept in or something.

today i'm going to get jazz for the first time in a few months. it sucks that its been so long since we've hung out. i've just been busy.

i worked at flat rock this morning. sprayed round up type stuff where the trail will go. we just need people to ride it now. bye

Friday, September 16, 2005

ebay rules

what up

just got back from picasso pizza. sat outside and watched tons of drunk, and some soon to be drunk, people walk by. we called it a night as some army guys began arguing with marines, and wanted to fight simply because one was army and one was marine. i started thinking... marine has more letters than army, so we win... but what about coast gaurd?

so my instigator frame was on ebay for all of 12 hours and i got two bids. the second one met my reserve of $100. now, it has 6 days left and could go up more. that rocks. i think ebay will charge me like 8 bucks at most to sell it. but still $120 minus 8 is still more than i got now.

i might try to ride tomorrow morning before work if i can muster up some awakeness. we'll see. thats all for tonight. peace.


Thursday, September 15, 2005

buy my bike!!!

i have entered the ranks of ebay-ers. i am trying to sell my surly instigator. i put my reserve at 100 bucks. we'll see if it goes. work has been okay. i'm going to try to sell my enduro in a few months too. we'll see how that goes...

ahhhh!!!!! im going crazy.

so joey's funeral is tomorrow. i'm going to try to go to that. then work. then, ahh, the weekend. later. jg

Monday, September 12, 2005

r.i.p. joey

a friend of mine shot himself recently. it sucks to get news like that. oh well. if anyone who reads this is the prayer type, please pray for him.

joey kopiness 1983 (?) - 2005


Saturday, September 10, 2005

i suck

i just got home from a ride that was supposed to last 50 miles or so... i was riding with cat. 4 and 3 racers though, and after a few hills, i was toast. these guys are like muscle, lungs, and legs. and i am not. i'm hoping to plan and follow a training routine for the next few weeks. i want to try to go back out with them and surprise people. of course, that will probably not happen, but... its worth a shot. anyways. i'm just delaying going to the bike shop. saturdays we open at 9 but it is usually slow for the first couple hours, hence, 9:55am and i'm listening to g n r sweet child o mine. drinking the remaining cytomax in my water bottle, planning a comeback.

i got the kanye west album last night. so far i've only listened to about three or four songs really. i heard the first eight or nine, but only really listened to a few of them. i like it. and whether or not an individual agrees with him, i think it took some balls to say " george bush hates black people."

on another note, i have adopted a section of trail at flat rock to be my own, i will mark it, maintain (?) it, and make it. and barry said it may be called the joseph grimes section. that'd be cool. hopefully people wont hate it. hmm...

well, i need to go to work so... ::thinking:: ...i guess this is it for today. maybe someone will read this. or not.

Friday, September 09, 2005


things have been sorta "ssdd." same s'tuff' different day. wake up, waste time for the first few hours of the morning. go to work around 15 til 11. work until 6 or 7. count the drawer if i'm closing. etc. leave.

lately i've been making a solid trip to picasso's pizza. leave work. go there. drink cream soda. was going to go last night but didn't.

at least i've been riding my bike some more. when i was living over near chs, i was driving too much. i was parking in the free lot off front ave. i moved all my stuff out of my temporary housing last weekend. i still don't have a bed. that sort of adds to the process of leave work, go somewhere, wake up early, go to my place, shower, eat, make lunch, watch cnn, check my email, ride my bike to work, get there early, get coffee at judybugs, sit (as i'm doing now), then actually go to work.

i've been riding flat rock a lot. tom and i want to ride in the 24 hours at conyers race. don't know how the finances will go for that though. my car tags are due. $264. damn it. should have kept the jeep. but anyways, flat rock has been a quicker pace trail than phenix city. and similar to bartram's trail, but a lot closer. i have adopted a bit of trail out there (at flat rock). i need to go out there and work on that. hmm.

thats about it for today. later.


p.s. i miss my singlespeed so much. i'm trying to sell my surly insigator frame so i can finance the new one. argh.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

bars, drunk guys, bikes

thursday night. rode at flat rock with rick powell. 9 miles. thursday was fun. my friend bobby justgot his student loan and was buying lots of people drinks. and gave me (Indirectly) $150 for my singlespeed. so now i have a hundred dollar bill hidden under a bicycle chain box in my room. i need/want to sell my surly frame to a kid in alabama. then comes the surly karate monkey.

so last night we went to picasso's pizza and this guy passed out in the bathroom. the security for the tap came over and dragged him out to the curb. they set him in a chair. about an hour later, still hadn't moved, the EMS showed up. it was a scene. we left there and went to the big city club. a friend of ours gotus in, and was bartending. awhile later, we noticed another friend was dj-ing. so we hung out for a while. and left. went home. had some coffee. talked some. went to sleep.

going to ride shortly in phenix cit y with rachel and the usual guys. should be fun. blah blah blah. so, anybody reading this? no? i didnt think so. figures.


Thursday, September 01, 2005

night rides rule.

i rode at flat rock last night. started at 8:30 or something. it was fun. i rode the first wooded section, then crossed into the second loop section. i rode the kiddie loop about three or four times. rode the larger slickrock style section for a lap too. the trail is coming along real well. i will hopefully be able to work on it some this evening. may try to night ride again.

i have solved all my bike problems. i NEED a karate monkey. i'm gonna sell my SS and already want another. but i wanted a fixed gear bike too. answer = 29" mountain bike rigid fork v brakes flip flop rear hub two sets of tires. waBAM. a SS commuter and mtn bike. now i just need another $200.

just don't drive for two or three weeks. there's the money. just to mention it, gas here is 2.89 a gallon. works well for me because i sell bikes. so people are buying bikes to not have to drive to work. it rules. except for the fact this is america. and people wouldnt start riding their bikes when environmentalism was the issue. they wouldn't ride when everyone was overweight. but when gas prices threatened their dollars, hell yeah let's commute says our average money hungry american. oh well.