Thursday, September 01, 2005

night rides rule.

i rode at flat rock last night. started at 8:30 or something. it was fun. i rode the first wooded section, then crossed into the second loop section. i rode the kiddie loop about three or four times. rode the larger slickrock style section for a lap too. the trail is coming along real well. i will hopefully be able to work on it some this evening. may try to night ride again.

i have solved all my bike problems. i NEED a karate monkey. i'm gonna sell my SS and already want another. but i wanted a fixed gear bike too. answer = 29" mountain bike rigid fork v brakes flip flop rear hub two sets of tires. waBAM. a SS commuter and mtn bike. now i just need another $200.

just don't drive for two or three weeks. there's the money. just to mention it, gas here is 2.89 a gallon. works well for me because i sell bikes. so people are buying bikes to not have to drive to work. it rules. except for the fact this is america. and people wouldnt start riding their bikes when environmentalism was the issue. they wouldn't ride when everyone was overweight. but when gas prices threatened their dollars, hell yeah let's commute says our average money hungry american. oh well.


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