Friday, September 16, 2005

ebay rules

what up

just got back from picasso pizza. sat outside and watched tons of drunk, and some soon to be drunk, people walk by. we called it a night as some army guys began arguing with marines, and wanted to fight simply because one was army and one was marine. i started thinking... marine has more letters than army, so we win... but what about coast gaurd?

so my instigator frame was on ebay for all of 12 hours and i got two bids. the second one met my reserve of $100. now, it has 6 days left and could go up more. that rocks. i think ebay will charge me like 8 bucks at most to sell it. but still $120 minus 8 is still more than i got now.

i might try to ride tomorrow morning before work if i can muster up some awakeness. we'll see. thats all for tonight. peace.


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