Wednesday, November 30, 2005

more pics

thanks for looking.


more tsali pics

work work work

days have been going by. i took sunday off from riding my bike. and monday. but tuesday i rode in phenix city. just for an hour or so. i had a flat. and got my bike incredibly dirty. then work.

we went to picasso sunday night, monday night, and tuesday night. i spent too much. mandy is working this week again. she quit a few weeks ago. but is back. she gave us a few free drinks. that was that.

so work again today. it was good. tomorrow will be good too. i leave around 5pm. i'm going to flat rock to ride my bike. it should be good and cold. can't wait.

i think i'm going to elijay to ride on december 11th. if anybody wants to go, let me know. thats all for now.



Tuesday, November 15, 2005

new bike/tsali trip

woooooo hooooooo

i got my new bike ordered last monday, it showed up thursday. i put it together thursday night. oh yeah. took the bars, headset, shifters, cassette, stem, chain, saddle, grips, and rear derailleur off first thing. i set it up with

chris king pink "pretty and strong" headset
easton ec70 carbon flat bars
thomson stem
fizik gobi saddle
esi silicon grips
sram x.0 gripshift
sram x.9 rear der
sram 990 chain and cassette

oh yeah. its still a little on the heavy side. the wheels, seatpost, and seatpost clamp are all gonna eventually go in favor of lighter parts. plus, i'm going to lose some weight in the mean time. i'd say its mid upper twenties weight wise. i'm also going to pull the tubes out and go stan's noTubes. it might get some hayes hfx mag plus ti/carbon disc brakes as soon as i can figure out how to route the brake hose.

thats it. tsali rocks by the way. we rode 3 miles to the trail from our cabin, then 14 miles at tsali, then 3 back to the cabin, then drove to fontana and rode 13 miles. so 33 on saturday. then sunday rode the right loop, the left loop backwards, then the left loop the correct direction, then county line road back to the parking lot. 28 miles. hell yeah.

thats it. now some pictures.

at the shop. roughly 1:30 am friday morning.

at tsali, on the left/right loop overlook trail. about 500 feet above the lake in the background.

me passing some guy (who wasn't in my age group) at the finish line in gainesville, ga

chris king pretty and strong headset and sticker. pink baby. $2 of my purchase price went to a breast cancer research foundation. heck yeah. this is one of only two in columbus, georgia.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

athens and bars

i have gone to the bars a couple times now since being 21. went to scruffy murphy's in columbus and drove up to athens last night to hang out with ryan lingo, brian nalley. we went to a place called last call. it was my second time going there. i went about three years ago to this date... and sat at the same booth and tore my jeans on the same nail that bobby tore his jeans on some three years ago.

and on my way home i decided to stop in atlanta to hang out with bobby at georgia tech. we just walked up to a diner. i had soup. and lots of crackers. and water with lemons. so now i'm waiting for bobby to get upstairs and say peace out homey, or later man, or some other cliche'd goodbye. then drive home.

i sold my specialized enduro on ebay last night. to a guy i know. hmm. and hopefully i'll get my new bike on the way tomorrow. thats all for now. peace.