Wednesday, November 30, 2005

work work work

days have been going by. i took sunday off from riding my bike. and monday. but tuesday i rode in phenix city. just for an hour or so. i had a flat. and got my bike incredibly dirty. then work.

we went to picasso sunday night, monday night, and tuesday night. i spent too much. mandy is working this week again. she quit a few weeks ago. but is back. she gave us a few free drinks. that was that.

so work again today. it was good. tomorrow will be good too. i leave around 5pm. i'm going to flat rock to ride my bike. it should be good and cold. can't wait.

i think i'm going to elijay to ride on december 11th. if anybody wants to go, let me know. thats all for now.



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RB^2 said...

hey dude, come this weekend. i'm totally free. next weekend we've got company friday-sun