Thursday, April 09, 2009

trying to ketchup. training ride

so it has been brought to my attention that my blogging is basically sucking as bad as my bike riding. well, its not as bad as jacob florence's blog. the worst blog in all of the internets... but basically noah is up on me by:

where r = number of days off noah has this month / number of blog posts -and- t = number of times jacob florence has used the word belgium since last september. it is quite a delicate operation, but working this out reveals that noah has roughly 24357843325837 x e^3.14159... more blog posts than i do. tisk tisk.

so in an effort to catch up (get it? ketchup. like in my favorite movie) i'm posting lots of kool pictures from tonight's training ride:

sam, katherine, and my shoulder


someslowguy himself

sam and snow

mountains. sugar, beech, and the sun

someslowguy and the remains of appalachian ski mountain

my workout consisted of cruising to the top of russ cornett/poplar grove intersection with sam. he peeled off to head back to boone after taking a big mtb ride/fall yesterday. it was nice to start off with someone, and obviously we ran into katherine for a bit. after we headed our separate ways i cruised up shulls mill doing some 2minute on/off efforts until i reached the brp. i went up towards the manor house and put in another 1min effort there. recovering on the long descent to 321/flat-top i determined i would do 30sec on/off intervals up flat-top and that settled into 8x 30sec/30sec recov until i snapped the shot at app ski mtn. i topped out on deck hill, then ripped down the fun side into town. said hello to robert jameson, andy steele, and tyler c and spun it out back to the bike shop. after a dinner of a turkey sandwich and M&M's i found my camera cable and some motivation to type. so here i am. back in action. on the bike AND the blog.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

hobby park XC racing. podium kind of. cooper river 10k

any questions??:

someslowguy racing:

zippity do-da:

so i did my first cross country race since may 2008 and had decent results. after getting the whole shot and entering the woods in 3rd or 4th place i just kinda went along, passed a guy that lost it in a corner, and rode on my own to a 3rd place finish.
beginning the sprint to the finish:

this was my best finish since i've started bike racing so i was stoked and waited around for results to get posted and awards only to get a maxxis ust tire and a handshake.

no podium picture, not even a podium!?! i was a bit disappointed by this, but nonetheless its a step toward upgrading to cat1-expert. so its another result for boone velo. i'll try to keep em coming. at least i got in a great race with the boys:

the bike race was march 22nd and i've just been slack about getting a blog post going. this past weekend darcy and i made the trip down to charleson, SC for the cooper river bridge run 10k. it was quite exciting although we forgot to take a camera so i'll be waiting for julie howe to put pictures on facebook. then i'll steal some and put them up here. darcy and i ran together BUT i used a secret method of delaying my chip on my shoe from crossing the line and then finishing with that foot forward to gain a whole second on her. 58:04 and 58:05.