Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Massanuttan Hoo-Ha. more disturbing facts

a week ago i made the trip to harrisonburg, Va saturday night after work for a midnight arrival to the fawley estate. thanks ryan. bike racers in the harrisonburg area awoke to clear skies, really warm temps, and a pretty fun day of bike racing.

my race was only one lap so i tried to make my way to the front of our pack before we got on the tight twisty stuff and basically rode a good solid 12.5 mile race without much to write about. it was really really rocky, muddy in spots, and downright dangerous in a couple spots. the ridge was good and it dumped out and after a couple short climbs and some ripping fireroad we're doing this crazy sidehill chute to the finish. i roll across the line, they tear off our bib number and staple it to a wooden board. pretty high tech. i got 3rd. i'm not unhappy with 3rd or anything, but i really would like a 2nd place, or better yet, the win. for now i'll settle for 3rd and look to the cowbell XC with my eyes set on the top step.

in other news i stumbled upon some disturbing facts:

Mens Cat 2 (19-29) Cross Country Rankings in NORTH CAROLINA
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2009 Name License
Rank Points Results
1 120 2 Charlie Ledford 290837
2 95 2 Christopher Hoina 267918
2 95 2 Kell Bond 292854
4 87 3 Mark Ryan 274564
5 60 1 Daniel Sapp 190986
6 50 1 Joseph Grimes 242647
7 45 1 Jarrett Ficker 249334
8 11 1 Andrew Martin 284342

oh well, if any of the races i do would submit results i'll be way high up that list. BFH

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