Wednesday, July 11, 2007

clemson. 13th blah long. rides wedding planning

so i've been racing a bunch of weekends in a row and i think it finally caught up to me all the way. i had a good time but it was hot hot hot and humid so i didn't feel like i did so well. 13th place though and got to 4th in the overall series so i'm happy with that. right before the finish i took a digger going around a turn too too too fast and thought i was about to plow into a bunch of kids and grabbed the brakes and pedaled and slid and fell and popped up and dropped my chain and ran and hopped on the bike and didn't know the chain was dropped but some guy yelled chain is off and so i just coasted and when the downhill stopped i kept running and well if you don't believe so then here:

that was the race and i didn't lose any spots by falling and i wouldn't have gained any had i not fallen. it was just a bit scary i was worried i broke my carbon bar or brake lever. wheew.

so its been just normal had a weekend in town and celebrated my roommate matt's birthday friday and darcy went out of town and we went to an italian restaurant owned by some italian mafia mob guy. scarrrryyy!!! yep

so sunday david forkner and tom forkner and me rode bikes in the wilson creek area and we rode for 4.5 hours and barely rode 25 miles but it was good ORAMM thats off road assault on mt mitchell training. of course oramm is 65 miles so we didn't even ride half of it but still sitting on the bike that long is good.

wedding stuff got a monkey wrench thrown in by crestwood. sneaky folks tried to add in extra charges and well, i think we are going to shop around but don't worry. i've got a few new places in the research mode of my mind. yep. i'm interested in the shady grove gardens near creston, nc.

so in closing here's a picture of darcy and i that i absolutely love. we were playing frisbee golf around the ASU campus and paused for a moment for some very professional style photography:

thanks for reading and/or looking.


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RB^2 said...

wha? you? a male? wedding planning? surely you jest!

hey, is that a pair of smiths you're wearing? if so. we match :)

happy riding. send me an invite please!

peace love and, of course, bugs- rach