Sunday, August 26, 2007

bike. riding 321 181 brp RV's nissan altima, etc.

so i've been slack and not riding. oh wait, i mean not writing about my riding. i've been doing a good bit of riding. i had to start running after the ORAMM to mentally take a break from bike riding. blah blah.

so i've gotten back on the bike a few good times. i did a 6hour mtn bike sesh at wilkes:

and two days later, tuesday, i did this:

and then i ran on wednesday.

no pictures for that one.

and then i did this on sunday:

a href=

the ride was great. DC, ray, and wendy and i had a good time. 1 hour 15 minute ascent of 181 for me and wendy. DC and ray killed us by a few minutes, but i don't mind. welp. thats about it for now.

thanks for reading.


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