Saturday, December 13, 2008

saturday morning ride. commute

mid-day edit: you must click this. yes, you have to.

after sleeping in until 7am i woke and realized i would not be riding my planned route over rich mtn and down the front side but rather using an old friend, much shorter route up jordan v cook and throwing in a snowy lap on rocky creek before stopping at stick boy. i was out the door at 8am and crossed 105 at 9:06am. by then it had warmed considerably to 31deg F from the 20deg F when i started. okie dokie, here's the proof:

comments are welcome by the way. feel free to tell me i'm wasting my time. or that stopping at stick boy won't help me win the biggest loser v2.0 contest. or that i'm awesome. really, write whatever you want. unless you're J-Flo


Charlie said...

You're still alive..

Planning on coming up there for Burn24 this year. I'll be at Cohutta as well..

Charlie said...

Yeah, top of Alabama just south of Anniston. There is a SERC race there.. never done it though. I think it's considered the "State Championship".. not sure about that though.

I sold the Cannondale 29er (made $100! win! dunno how i managed that ebay frenzy i guess), I couldn't ever get it to where I liked the feel of it as much as the Gary Fisher.. considering a Vassago or another Gary Fisher at some point in 2009.