Tuesday, February 10, 2009

short track #4 report

darcy and i made the trip early to charlotte for #4. it was quite the time. mrs. grimes:

had a great time although she was sick and couldn't really breathe. she raced her 2nd bike racer EVER and she finished 4th. she told me she considered quitting, so factoring that in, i feel like she was a winner after all.

my race started blah blah blah and then some loser comes flying up not announcing his pass while i have one hand on my bars drinking and we're about to enter the singletrack. READ THIS: super narrow two lines converging into one through concrete parking lot bumper stopper things. so this guy comes in elbows out and basically attempts to put me into a tree. i was not having it so i let him take the 7th wheel and i rode his wheel through the singletrack and once we come out on the grassy climb he rubs wheels with someone else and i say 'watch that guy he is sketchy he almost knocked me off my bike already too.' so that must make him mad as the pace gets super lifted and i found myself again

in NO-MAN's LAND!!!

so i blah blah blah and lap after lap after lap i just sort of mosey along and sometimes forget that i'm bike racing because i never saw anyone behind me or in front of me. occasionally a 40+ racer would come along but for the most part i'd suck their wheel through the dirt/pavement and pass them into the singletrack.

with "two to go two to go two to go" i managed to catch back up with loser elbow orange superfly guy and rode his wheel through the start/finish and he looked down in the parking lot just before single -AND- i decide to be a master tactician and pass while he was looking at his toes or something. i basically kept telling myself i'm racing i'm racing i'm racing don't slow down and kept it in the big ring through the single. he closed in a bit on the dirt road flat section and then i stand and kill the grassy climb, look back, he's there. stand some more. pavement 20 feet. 10 feet. sit up turn around and give him the look:

oops. got my pictures mixed up. anyways thats basically the main idea. i look back. a little attitude, and cross the line. tour de france battle for yellow... charlotte short track men's sport race battle for 7th place. same thing. so that was it. i settled for 7th. three weeks 7th, 6th, 7th. schweet

unfortunately Noah and Fawley's race was another hour wait and our fan club needed to eat so we headed to jason's deli. i have lost motivation to go back this weekend. i think sam, shaw and sapp are the only reasons i have to go back down there. after my first long pisgah ride in months, i have focused my crosshairs on wilson creek rather than pavement and dirt roads. i'm going back into base 1 phase and i'm just going to kick it for a while. blog posts will be scarce and entirely random. holla kool

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