Sunday, May 17, 2009

burn 24 hour. training and stuff

so the burn 24 hour race is coming up this weekend. i am excited about it and will be racing again in the solo category. last year i got 21 laps and came in 12th place. this year i plan to get at least 24 laps (more laps is ok too) and finish in the top 7. top 7 is an arbitrary number i just decided top 5 was maybe a bit toooo overzealous and top 10 was not a big enough goal. so anyways... i've been studying the 2008 results and have figured out i just need to do 55 minute laps. if i can do every lap under an hour then i'll get at least 24 laps. maybe even 25 or 26. that would be excellent.

while searching 2008 burn results/pictures/etc darcy found this awesome photo from last year:

so hopefully this year i'll get some good pictures and have a good write-up in one week. wish me luck. i'll need it


darcy said...

yay friend you met your goal of top 7 and got 6th place!!! I am so proud of you!

springer said...

race report already...lets hear it!