Sunday, October 25, 2009

nccx #2 - raleigh cx 3 recap

well. today i woke up at 5am. drove to raleigh and raced my bike in circles. for my first CX3 race i was quite satisfied with 22nd of 39 especially after starting on the last row. jesse pipes and andrew stackhouse also raced cx3 behind/with the barrage from LMC university. i can only assume their guys won since i never saw them after the whistle. rachel vandenendende and alison forkner also were there in the wmn's pro/1/2 field. i was also quite happy to hold off the 1-2 punch from two inland-BTD guys who took turns attacking. i don't understand these 'tactics' other than trying to go fast and build a big gap through the trees, sidehills, and barriers. anywho.... photos:

dropping charles kutz:

from the series i call 'passing':

stackhouse domination:

rachel v @ barriers:

p.s. photo credits go to darcy grimes. THANKS SO MUCH for loving me and going to the race and cheering for me and taking awesome pictures!!!

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