Monday, July 25, 2005

critical mass

today we did our first critical mass ride in columbus ga. it was a success in some regard. we rode from the bike shop on broadway, up 11th st. we turned left on veteran's parkway. we turned left on talbotton road. then we turned left on 2nd ave. the hill up 2nd ave. was a bit of a tough time. i had to help adam weibaum's son up the hill. we continued down to 10th st. we turned right on 10th st. then right on broadway. while on the ride, annette wanted to ride single-file. wade (and myself) wanted to ride two abreast. a lot of the other people kept swerving around the road. my boss (buddy) was swerving around, slaloming the lines between the lanes. i don't know what to do about that.

if we do this again, i want to have a talk before we roll. i need to stand up on a chair or something and read off some rules. i'll have to remind people to not get out of our lane. i'll have to remind people (buddy) not to swerve around the lanes. we'll have to come up with a solution for getting split up at red lights. it happened three times today, and was tough to get back together. i think, as well as (who just suggested it), that me or tom should ride in the front, brian should ride in the middle, and me or tom should ride in the back. i think we should decide to ride two abreast and not worry. because people were trying to pass us and that wasn't going well. and kids. they need to listen (better) to everyone, especially tom and i (and their dad), because they have a tough time riding a straight line. so we'll work on that. but all in all it was fun. and the tv channels and two people from the paper should have a great influence on spreading the word in town.

thats all from me now. except to say that last sunday i rode 102 miles. that was fun. peace. and keep the round side down.


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