Monday, July 11, 2005

just another monday

yo to all,

its been rainy as hell as of late. some hurricane just passed by us.

johnathan had a party at his house saturday night, which we attended. i was d.d. though and my sprite remix didn't give me enough courage to take to the dance floor, so we went home a little early. the party kept going and ended in a small brawl. guess we got out in time. then went to see bewitched. it wasn't as bad as war of the worlds, but not too much better. then we sat at jz's. watched robot chicken. then went to hamilton station for poker. i got off to a bad start, then had a winning streak. i started losing again. we were supposed to go play halo and i was trying to go big enough to either start winning, or go broke and be able to leave. i finally went out with trip fours to a full house. oh well.

today i went to the bike shop early, placed an order, checked on another, and came home. we closed today because of the supposedly bad weather. but its been pretty sunny all day. hopefully i wont get in trouble for closing the store and it being sunny after all. i just hope i can get forty hours in this week.

in other good news. i think having a diploma got me better insurance rates. my geico car insurance quote was like 300 per month. it went down to 181 a month. but my parents plan is a mere 143 per month. i think i'm gonna stay on it. and go get some food right about now.

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