Friday, April 07, 2006


okay i think it happened today. i realized i moved. far away from columbus. i started to doubt my finances, found a $100 error in my checkbook. and in general started to miss some of my friends and family from c-town. not many people, but a few for sure.

on the flipside. i had a good time today. rode my mountain bike down in wilkes county with Kent and his neighbor Greg. its about a 30 minute drive from Boone. worth every minute and every penny in gas. the trail was like a combo of pleasant hill trail, tsali, and phenix city. yep. i put those together. ssschweeeet. and there was a DH course. it only dropped a few hundred feet for sure, but it switched back and forth very mountain cross-y down this good hill and had a bunch of log jumps and rollers and what-not. i decided i'm going down there next sunday with my DH bike.

we came back to the bike shop and i finished running cables and stuff on my newly improved road bike. andy helped my tape up the bars with some white bar tape. why does this bike look so PIMP?!? okay. thats the phrase up here. why is... so pimp?!?

i'll put a picture of it up soon.

going to tsali sunday morning to race SERC #3. hopefully it will be fun and i'll do well. my goal is going to be finish in the top half of the field. all season. if there's ten riders, i want to finish top five. if there's a hundred riders, i want to finish top fifty. i think thats a fair goal. alrighty then. going to eat some ramen noodles...

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