Wednesday, June 28, 2006

chalk walk

so i went to columbus this past weekend. it was good to see my parents, my grandparents, and my dog kasco. i got in really late saturday night/sunday morning, raced sunday morning at 11:30 in macon ga. it wasn't a very good race. however i did manage to pass three or four people (in my age class) on the third lap. so i finished 20th out of 29. not very good, but could have been worse.

1:52:00 ride time
avg HR 179
max HR 205
avg speed approx 8.5 mph.

oh well. i came very close to cracking during the race. my body didn't want to go any harder, so i went slow, recovered a bit. then did a better third lap. it was very very hot too, for the weather i'm used to at least. i've definitely become a mountain resident. its hot if its in the 80's now. oh well. at least i can altitude train...

so i didn't ride monday, i drove though, tuesday i hit my all time fastest speed on a bicycle. it was 51mph coming down baird's creek road near willow valley golf course. there is a long climb into the hill, then the other side is straight down the grade. there is a small right turn a ways down, then straight some more. i had a good ride too. we call it the clark's creek loop. its about 27 miles. i improved by about 6 minutes on my time from the last time i rode it, which was an 8 minute improvement on the previous time i rode it. anyways.

no pictures in this post. although i got a few good ones lately, from the bike race and random rides around boone. well, thats it. i have friday off work, so i'm hoping to go to the forest to ride. later!!!

okay, so i found something to put up:



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