Wednesday, June 07, 2006

tresemme shampoo

yo to all. stuff is great here in boone. the weather is especially nice. its still chilly at night. and its june. in case somone forgot what month it is... i've been riding a bunch. sorta took last week off, but i'm back at it. getting ready for the NORBA nationals this weekend. i'm racing DH saturday morning at 9:30. then at 3:30pm racing XC. i'll put results up as soon as i have them, if they're decent at least... and hopefully pictures from the podium with special shoes.

oh, a political thing... i can't believe our wonderful president is trying to push the federal marriage amendment again. its so stupid. 1. marriage should not be considered a religious matter. atheists can get married right?? 2. if he does want to consider it religious then it shouldn't be governed right?? separation of church and state?? is that somewhere in that document called the consitution?? 3. are there more important things for our government to worry about right now?? anyways. i'm glad the senate struck down the proposal. at least someone in washington has some sense.

some pictures from a bike ride. in some order... a bonsai tree on the trail, the full view of an ancient ladder jump, the edge, and the view back looking at it. pretty sweet.

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