Thursday, March 22, 2007

More Morgan Hill. Tuesday night ride.

i'm mainly going to put pictures for this post, since i took a ton and became known as the tourist guy. i hope you all enjoy. oh, and i'm posting a small tidbit about the second
Boone Bike Tuesday Night Ride
of the year. It was my first, as i was in Cali for the first one. I'm glad to be back in NC and glad to be back with my girlfriend Darcy. We are both traveling a lot right now, for work and for pleasure, ie. bike racing, spring break, family affairs, etc. So its good to be able to hang out. Alright, pictures now...

Sights in the rockies:

Ned Overend. I find it hard to believe he succeeded at riding since his first name can be rearranged to spell End Overend...

Some dork in the redwood forest:

Hanging around on our mountain bike ride near Santa Cruz:

Matt, punished for his cell phone ring with the "Condor Helmet."

A paceline rolls out on thursday, watch out for mountain lions, and even worse, cougars.

Random scenery to the right of the Tour of California TT climb "Willow."

The Innovate or Die hurst (spelling?)

Lana (like atlanta without the at) sporting a horn. Does that mean she's horny?

Lana and Garth on our second road ride of the day.

Nothing is as fun as ripping across gravel on Tarmac SL's with 23C tires at 120psi... check out the mountain lion attack on Matt's leg. Or maybe its a cougar attack...

Andrew, our instructor, after a Condor Helmet offense of his own.

To any of you that may be reading this that I met in Cali, it was great to hang out with and ride with you guys, and girls. I'm sure we'll never see each other again, but I feel priveledged to have met you all. If you're ever in Boone, come to the bike shop and say hi. I'll give you some good routes for the road bike. Later!!

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