Thursday, February 10, 2011


so i'd been following a pretty solid training schedule for the last three weeks - hitting target power for 5mins, 10mins, 22mins, etc

and setting peak power records, doing 3+ hour mtn rides on weekends and days off - starting to feel somewhat fit - like this guy:

and then i catch the plague.

okay, not that kind of plague, maybe not even the flu, but a cold that has my ears popping, nose running, chills and coughing as a bonus. so i go home early from work, do a 1/4 day yesterday, and on my 'day off' (i actually would like to go in - i feel so slack!) i'm sitting at home, drinking emergenC, hot tea honey and whiskey,

and covering up to my nose with my blankey.

this morning i took advantage of my fatigue, feet up,

ability to surf the interweb and type to update my 2011 'racing schedule'. if you want to see all the races i'll be fighting for DFL then look to the right hand side of the screen. yup - right there--------->

so i'm excited about this year, i've got a new 2011 specialized stumpjumper EVO R 29er

at least i will look fast when performing reverse attacks. i can tell at this point that my HR (heart rate for those of you who don't know) is getting a little high suggesting to me that i am typing a bit much so i'm going back to putting my feet up and fluids. this year will be a turning point for sure - the blog will actually get updated, i will get faster (2nd to last place instead of DFL), and people will actually want to check this out. thanks for reading. jg

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