Monday, February 28, 2011

rainy days - sunday ride - rollers

so it rained on my day off last week. boo hoo!! i'd planned on going down to wilkesboro for some mtb fun but instead hung around the house, did laundry, napped, grocery shopping, etc. a view of the day:

so that was a day. friday night after work darcy and i went to spectate pee-wee basketball. you get the idea:

saturday night we had a party for charles 30th birthday - it ran well into the night and was awesome. waking up sunday morning for mtn bike riding was slightly more difficult, but well worth it. darcy and i got in our lap at warrior creek and after switching bags/clothes out for my carpool home (thanks Chuck!) i was back out looking for marland, paul, brent, and stack. they were riding the trail backwards and i met up with them about 1/3 of the way through. we headed back towards the cars (the trail is weird backwards btw) and then after a short water stop, drop paul off to his car, and pick up greg seiz we were back at it. marland kept pushing the pace and well, i tried to hang on:

we got about halfway through the lap (normal direction) and i peeled off to head back to the car. rolling up to chuck's truck my computer says 3:59:something ride time. granted some of that was standing around but i'm happy with 3+ hours with some quick bits thrown in. pizza for dinner was made even better after some driveway/gravel work in the rain.

this morning after a bowl of cereal i jumped on the rollers for a quick easy spin. it was quite fun and i managed to unzip my jacket (basement is cold sometimes!) and also pedal up to 115rpm at one point. unfortunately i could not pat myself on the back or take cool photos/video while riding:

then i had a tough time fitting my head through the door upstairs afterwards. not sure what is going on:

thanks for reading. comments are welcome. jg

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Molly said...

Hi, your photos are beautiful.

With regards to the Big head image, please either include a link to my site's home page, or copy the image onto your server, instead of pointing to the one on my server. Right now it's consuming my server resources instead of yours.