Tuesday, March 01, 2011

10x 1mins + stir-fry!

so after a great day sunday and a chill monday - no ski-shop monday night - i went for a big workout this morning. max and i settled on 20mins warmup, 10 x 1min PI 1min RBI, cool down. a short workout - straight to the point. i did a usual 20mins warmup with some fastpedals and a couple PI's. getting into the intervals i felt good at first, and instantly began deteriorating as the 1min intervals ticked by. eventually i told myself quit being a baby, i want to stand on the podium this year and managed to crank out a couple more good efforts. the #'s looked like this:

interval 1 - avg power 356watts
interval 2 - avg 338w
interval 3 - avg 313w
interval 4 - avg 322w
interval 5 - avg 305w
interval 6 - avg 328w
interval 7 - avg 322w
interval 8 - avg 342w
interval 9 - avg 295w
interval10- avg327w

danville, VA shootout XC is coming up - i'll be racing there for the third year in a row, although this year it opens up the southern classic mtb series and NC bike racing in general. it is a great race and fun trail and i'm hoping the last 6 weeks of 'training' will pay off and i can stand on the podium, even if i have to sneak on when nobody is looking - maybe after these guys are done:

work at the bike shop went well today, i got in some earthfare grocery shopping before work and a harris teeter trip after work. i got home and found out more about the awesomest thing in a while: darcy, my wife, got teacher of the year for bethel elementary school. i cannot explain how proud i am, knowing she generally works harder than anyone could imagine and puts the kids education first and will try any new interesting technological lesson if it might help the kids figure it out. currently she's in grad school for technology in classrooms (i can't remember the proper name) and just finished coaching basketball and has cranked up her running club again for the spring. basically, she is AWESOME and i am so proud!!!

insert silly animated smily face here

we'd decided to make stir-fry tonight and well, it got started late but was quite worth it:

local chicken breast, steak, broccoli (stalks too), green onions, snow peas, shiitake mushrooms, ginger, garlic, almonds, szechuan sauce. rice is barely visible on the left.

cooking. peanut oil, sesame oil, and white wine come in handy.

yum for dinner!! leftovers too...

so that wraps it up for today - now watching biggest loser and parenthood. thanks for reading. jg

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