Thursday, March 24, 2011

pasta! 5hr mtn bike ride!

so wednesday night darcy and i got rained out from riding - so instead we made pasta. it was awesome!!! spicy olive oil, red pepper, pancetta, green peppers, and yummy harris teeter brand sauce.

as usual - we managed to make enough for leftovers so i get salad and pasta again for lunch friday!!! woohooo!

almost as exciting as that - i was off work today but i went by this morning to use the compressor and swap some tires out on both bikes/wheelsets. gosh i can't wait until we get a compressor here in the basement... so i had a set of captain 2.2 tires in the basement for a few months and decided today's route required these tires. i pulled the captain 2.0's off my sj fsr and installed the set of 2.2's. and i've also determined that i'm not a good enough bike handler (surprise) to use the micro knobby renegades on the hardtail - especially since one is a pre-production tires with <1mm high middle knobs. anyways, for the hardtail, i swapped the front (production version) renegade 1.95 to the back and put a fast trak LK tire on the front. i'm excited to try this combo next week and i think it will work well for tsali on april 3rd.

so many choices...

i met up with brad blackwell and we headed out to the forest. my poor bike had no idea what was going on - i think it thought it was being kidnapped:

we started at the white church. when rolling back up pineola to the car we hypothesized our ride was going to be 3:52. boy we're we wrong!!! we rode for 5 hours!!! it was a great day in the NC school of tech. i rode some lines that i haven't before and cleaned more than this lady:

which isn't much because she's a cartoon. it was a good day but a little cold considering we had 15 creek crossings over the duration. thankfully i had my trusty wool socks and a long climb to the car to keep warm.

afterwards i headed home, grabbed hiking boots, stopped at stickboy for nourishment, and headed to rockyknob. i got there late but got in almost 2 hours of trailwork. a lot of the guys were doing some rock armouring for sections that stay wet. i felt fortunate to do some corridor cleaning on the first few hundred feet of phase two. it should be rad.

a not-so-quick-trip grocery shopping

then home and i'm thinking about cleaning, eating something, and having people over for the weekend. hopefully the weather will cooperate and i can roll around somewhere tomorrow. thanks for reading. jg

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stackout said...

I seriously have to stop missing all the good rides