Monday, March 07, 2011

WC thursday, fun weekend, monday!

so thursday was fun. todd henne and i got down to warrior creek. we knocked out one good warmup lap then crushed a one hour lap. well, neither of us had cycling computers, or watches, or sundials but we were rolling!! we briefly ran into kristian jackson, jay womack and jim horton photoshoot-ing and kristian got some RAD photos (as usual). i am no smart enough to embed his photos on here, but check out his website, and buy some photos too:

we followed up our meal with a quick trip to La Fortuna #8:

its quite possibly the best mexican food anywhere, but make sure to take cash $$. they don't take no stinking credit cards!

friday we did the art crawl thing, saw cool stuff at the turchin center, saw our friend jenny and her friend warren (kevin pogoloff's son). hung out at glug for a while then headed to the boone saloon for dinner. i went for nachos, darcy wisely picked beans/rice and grilled veggies. but the nachos were SOOOOOOOO good!!

saturday was cool, work was work. i got proper wheels/tires mounted to my hardtail and realized it will be about 21lbs race day. thats pretty exciting, but i've also been checking the registered riders link for danville this weekend and i'm shaking in my boots!! at least i'm convinced i'll look good fighting at the back of the race. saturday night we headed to banner elk to check out the louisiana purchase and had the best meal in a while. the 'plat du frommage' is reason enough to drive out there.

sunday it decided to rain snow most of the day. we managed to make a yummy breakfast: eggs, fake sausage, toast/waffles, almond butter. went for grocery shopping, secured our Banff Film festival tickets and snagged some olive oil from 'Art of Oil' in downtown boone. after getting home we setup bikes and rode trainers in the basement though to cancel out our glorious eating. hmm maybe i was the only one overeating... thankfully we had Glee on the laptop (not pictured) to make the hour go by quicker:

this morning i woke up, had some cereal and coffee and went straight to my workout. max and i decided i'd do a 20mins warmup, 2x tabata protocol and 5mins cooldown. tabata protocol is 8x 20sec MAX and 10sec recovery. so two of those 4mins pain caves and i'm in a daze trying to remember how many intervals have gone by and failing at simple math in my head. well anyways my joule documented the suffering:

after remembering my way to the stairs i went on for more breakfast and a shower, then off to stickboy and work. we setup a rad taco lunch today. thanks to chuck luddeke with sledgehammer charlies, sam, patrick and shaw for bringing together all the proper ingredients for wonderful mexican style pork (and brisket - one meat option would never be enough) tacos. patrick even brought authentic mexican soda pops!! what a great start to the week. hopefully i'll get it together, figure out proper eating again and get recovered in time for danville this weekend. updates soon. thanks for reading. jg

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