Tuesday, March 08, 2011

2011 stumpjumper evo R 29. race ready?

so today was great: i got some finishing touches on the hardtail, proper xx shifter, white housing, brakes adjusted, sam approved. race weight with pedals/cages/computer mount is 21.0lbs.

work went well, it went by quickly, i got in a 1.6hr mtb ride out to the greenway to get last minute riding in. easy, fun, rolling around. we planned out doing two rides, tuesday and thursday.

well wednesday and thursday look dreary so tonight might be it. the bike worked well, wheels feel great, tires are perfect, brake pads/rotors settled in nicely, shifting is dialed, and it looks great. so the bike is ready - am i??

thanks goes to:
sam h - boone bike, for double checking my work.
matt shanly - best specialized rep boone bike's had. since kent at least
chris wyatt - specialized tire genius
jake/jacob - industry nine
kathy - highway two (fizik)
darcy - (teacher of the year!)for putting up with me and my bicycles

thanks for reading. jg

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