Thursday, March 17, 2011

commute + singletrack = great thursday

so earlier this week i decided i would ride my bike to work today, work, then ride home. well i certainly didn't just pick the shortest point from A to B. A= my house. B = boone bike.

this morning i took hodges gap to the college apartments, poplar grove up to bodenheimer road, and hopped on the old-skool hiking/running trails behind the broyhill. i was pleasantly surprised, as i always am once a year when i decide to head up there, by the condition of the trails and the size of the smile on my face. i pedaled around until the clock told me head to work. cut through campus, coffee stop, bike shop:


after work, i pedaled up winkler's creek to flannery fork to check out the condition of the gravel in case i want to ride road bikes on it anytime soon. took russ cornett back to diamond ranch to poplar grove.

off russ cornett

cut through the college apartments again, then suffered up our driveway. it was a great day - darcy had a great day too which made me even happier. she's been busy lately with school, grad school, and being teacher of the year. all the newspaper, magazine, and website interviews have kept her busy... =) anyways, breakfast for dinner:

oatmeal, blueberries, yogurt, sweet potatoes, and eggs with leftover sirloin steak. yum.

we're headed to pre-ride, hang out with evan, and race bikes on sunday at hobby park xc. race report soon. thanks for reading. jg

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