Wednesday, March 02, 2011

wednesday. blah. spinach salad! yay

so wednesday was busy - i got to work early, mounted tires up and got rotors on the new wheels. the workday was filled with excitement/phonecalls/busy-ness. its nice that spring is here, business is good, and well, 6pm comes even quicker!!

after work i replaced my saddle (stock one had a loose rail/shell interface) with a new fizik tundra2:

needless to say i'm excited.

a quick earthfare trip for cereal, ginger and FREE APPLES!!! and i'm home cooking up spinach salad. its not quite boone saloon spinach salad, but rather, umm, better. spinach, thick sliced bacon, chopped red pepper, minced ginger, chopped red onion, ground cumin, baked sweet potatoes, orange juice (freshly squeezed from an orange), salt/pepper, olive oil. thanks mark bittman for the recipe/inspiration. yum:

thankfully, as with our dinner last night, there are plenty of leftovers for lunch. =) i'll hopefully get some warrior creek laps tomorrow. thanks for reading. jg

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