Sunday, March 27, 2011

more layers than a cake. hwy90.

so last night mark newton hosted an alpine ski center employee party at his place. it was a good time. the 2010-2011 'snow hard' movie poster was revealed:

and people played oversized jenga - it was custom built by mark himself:

i left his place a little late and as a result slept in until like 9:23a. and today i wanted to ride bikes. darcy had friends in town so after brunch i got my bike stuff together. the forecast for boone was 34deg and a chance of rain. that wasn't too bad but it was really foggy and i couldn't think of a good route that wouldn't hit this type of fog bank:

so i headed down to patterson and started from the blinky light gas station. i pulled on more layers than a cake:

and rolled out warrior rd to setzer creek rd to collettsville rd. i started up the efforts just after adako rd and did 3x 5mins with 5mins RBI. those went well, avg wattage 257,250, and 237, and i turned around at some point (after the second old johns river rd) and headed back. instead of turning onto setzer creek i rolled collettsville rd to valway rd then realized i was riding us321n for a minute then warrior rd got me off the highway and led me back towards the blinky light gas station. i got 31.9mi - 45mi would have been better but at least i got out.

thanks for reading. jg

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