Thursday, March 10, 2011

thursday: 70% chance of rain, then turning cold/windy and snowy. bike ride?? yes

so i woke up to a gloomy forecast. 70% chance of rain, high of 45, windy then snow. searching forecasts for every direction within a 1hr radius i determined collettsville would be my starting spot. head to work, build a wheel, hit the road.

get to work, with sam's expert guidance i built a front wheel for my road bike. selling my chris king/open pros to FLO allowed me to acquire a silver chris king front hub, thankfully it will match the powertap aesthetically and with another black mavic open pro and 32 spokes i was at work! spoke prep, gerd schraner, daft punk on pandora. magically, i got to a complete, tensioned, trued wheel in a little less than two hours. i'm happy with that. load up the car, destination collettsville. WAIT. its sunny. and warm, well 40+ degrees. bike ride!! so i walked back in the shop - to sam, shaw, and sarah's dismay ("we thought he was gone for the day!") and get changed. waterproof jacket - check. fender - check. embrocation - check. extra gloves - check. i managed to perfectly time it and get done before the rainsnow.

bundled up:

shades over helmet straps. rule #37. always:

red shoe covers!!

thanks for reading. feel free to comment. even if its just: wskgjhreklherjkghrejkghdrjklfgh. jg

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