Monday, March 21, 2011

hobby park xc. report i guess.

so i 'raced' at hobby park. knowing our cat 1 19-29 guys get combined with pro, and that i would be happy 'just hanging on' i entered the weekend happy to have saturday off, pre-ride the course with darcy on saturday, hang out in greensboro (the cars are different there)

and did some last minute adjustments.

sunday came around and well so did 'racing.' i picked up my packet and got my first ever single digit race number.

it seemed cool, but i knew i'd have a tough time living up to it. after taking photos of the sport race:

i warmed up a bunch and toed the line with charlie storm, alex ryan, scott frederick, robert fish, and other fast people. i knew i'd be content with making it up the soap box derby hill and to the singletrack with the group.

lofty goals...

i managed that, in fact somehow i entered the singletrack in 7th or 8th position (of 15) - so that was cool. i hung for a while, a few people passed, then hung in 10th or so for most of the 1st lap. a couple guys passed and slowly the gap to them grew. i'm not sure why... i'm faulting my engine for not being powerful enough

and my tire selection may not have helped either. anyways, i was content to stay in front of a guy that went to belgium with the usa nats team (he must have had an off day or broken his bike or something), and not get passed by the fast 30+, 40+ guys until the third lap. it was definitely a training race and learning experience, i have lots of work to do, and now i'm looking forward to tsali april 3rd. results here. thanks for reading. jg

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