Thursday, March 31, 2011

thursday off work - pot rack!

thirty three degrees
rain today? must ride forest
for three 'easy' hours

today drew and i rode mtb's. we both wanted to go pretty easy - TNR apparently worked him a bit and well, he's debuting a new bike sunday at the dragon's tale. i on the other hand, just wanted to go slow but his slow and my slow are well, somewhat different. thankfully we left out climbing woodruff.

we cruised some gravel, some more gravel, some trail, some classic trail (nearly cleanly -one darn wet root- riding the wet rooty rhodo-tunnel that can't be done (clearly)), crossing a road, dropping leaf covered steep, MORE gravel road, and ripping back to a tree farm. a quick pavement spin and we discuss our plans for the afternoon after three hours of 'easy' riding.

drew agreed to help install a super rad custom pot rack in the kitchen and so up globe rd we went back to the house. a few recovery drinks later and a couple extra holes in the ceiling and voila:

drop drew back to rocky creek - head to stickboy and meet my lovely wife. we pick up some foccacia (late lunch for me), some dirty hot chocolate (hot chocolate + espresso shot) and naan for our homemade pizza dinner:

now i'm reading pro bike racer diaries on since still just has one post.... just finished ben king's about classica sarda and i'm on to the next one. banff film festival tomorrow - plenty of great friends headed to town, and tsali bike racing on sunday. i hope my knee holds up. ::finger's crossed:: jg

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