Monday, April 18, 2011

(nearly) perfect weekend - asheville + stumpjump XC

so friday 6:00 ended my work week. darcy and i had big plans for the weekend: valdese triathlon (saturday), asheville hanging out (saturday afternoon/evening), and stumpjump XC (sunday). friday night we got our bags packed, then:

we woke up saturday morning - and had not packed the car yet - to torrential downpours. the triathlon sent out an email about the weather, but it hadn't been canceled. load up the car, wet dog, where are our extra towels?? rolling by 6:30am saturday.

get to the venue - unload car - in the rain - darcy goes to registration - wet dog - pumping up tires in the rain. walking towards registration (a second time) - some old man: "its been canceled." ugh. rescheduled for june 25 or so. at least we tried.

driving to asheville we find ourselves at our good friend daniel's house around 10:30am. we decide the best way to move on with the day is with a trip to clingman cafe. yum!!! we walked around and got i took some photos of things we saw:

the afternoon/evening was super fun - included a trip to mamacita's, and soon it was sunday morning. drive to spartanburg, SC. race the stumpjump - debut for the new boone bike kit:

jada the dog hung out with darcy while i warmed up, raced, and rode around aimlessly afterwards. i had a good-ish start, sunk a few spots, and clawed my way back up at least a spot or two during the 2nd and 3rd lap. near the end i caught on of the really fast almost pro cat1 kids that twisted his chain and we fought it out the last 2 miles. granted he was pedaling a non-functioning bike and i was still sucking. it reminded me of:



so then we drove back. saw this guy's setup:

we stopped in saluda - i'm not sure i took any photos there. anyways, it was cooool!!! we got back, and now its back to the real world, but on the way home i looked over at darcy, looked to the back seat at jada - and thought to myself: "i'm living the life. i'm on top of the world. i have a house, a great job, a beautiful wife, and a sweet puppy (1.5yrs...). i have a family."

thanks for reading. jg


Darcy said...

We are both so lucky. I love our family too!!

Randall G. Grimes said...

Sounds like the "good life" to me...