Saturday, April 23, 2011

tnr + beech mtb

so after a busy weekend traveling and kicking it with darcy, daniel and jada the dog i got out tuesday night for the (in)famous tuesday night ride - also known as TNR, tuesday night world championships, etc.

jacob florence decided to go up flannery fork (which was graded last week) resulting in a few flats. regrouping at sandy flats we roll down 221 to holloway mtn rd then jacob keeps the pace going on holloway. either everyone else couldn't keep up - more likely they didn't see us - but we pushed the pace alone the entirety of holloway mtn rd to the BRP on-ramp. we regrouped there and talked about our various power numbers and the best programs for analyzing the data... trainingPeaks, poweragent, goldencheetah. dorks yes.

rolling BRP north we allowed gene fowler and zion to escape then jacob turned the switch on and we caught, passed, regrouped the break and passing the red barn i had to sit up - my earlier efforts (and racing sunday) proved to crush me. good thing though, i was fortunate to see an amazing crash - i feel okay talking/joking about it because stack and gene were both fine and laughing as it occured. basically gene dropped his chain (campy 11, d/ace srm, and rotor rings must not shift so great) and was off his bike in the lane perpendicular to the flow of the peloton. no trouble though, only two people had to make it by him. well stack was staring at the ground and plowed into gene full speed. thankfully for gene, stack's full speed was only like 12mph, but nonetheless it looked like:

anyways. some poweragent images:

then i got out on thursday with mike anderson to beech mtn for some mountain biking. their trails are great and surprisingly flat/fun for being on a huge mountain.

we got in about 3hrs of riding and now its time for easter weekend hanging out with doug/diane, dana, and marshall. good breakfast at melanie's this morning, now time to work. thanks for reading. jg

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