Sunday, May 08, 2011

slumming. random photos.

so i haven't been riding/blogging/being cool for a while - the weather has been questionable - a few days when there was NO chance of rain it ended up thunderstorming... thankfully i wrote the columbia, SC Harbison XC race on my calendar with pencil so i could erase it and just ride with the max camp instead. a lack of motivation and carpool partners uninspired me instead. i'm trying to get it together for the SERC race at ducktown, TN a week from today. for the meantime check out rad photos i found on my phone from the last week point five. as usual - thanks for reading. jg

photos from hiking:

jada the dog after climbing a ladder. yes. i thought i was going to have to carry her:

photos from bike ride with stackhouse (he was so fast i couldn't keep up to get photos) on thursday ride/workout after doing 5min intervals on sims pond hill on the blue ridge parkway:

rad hip kool!

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