Sunday, January 22, 2012

january 22nd CX ride

so today darcy and i went out to old cove creek school and rode our CX bikes for a couple hours. our route:

old 421, left onto north fork rd, left onto beaver dam rd, left onto georges gap rd, left to old cove creek school.

darcy got loaded up, i swapped out bottles and began my ride home. i headed over mast gap rd, 194n, bairds creek rd, dewitt barnett rd, moore mtn rd, willow mtn rd, laurel fork rd, greer ln, then long st back to our house.

we were really excited to check out north fork rd since neither of us had ridden it before and i was glad to find/connect moore mtn rd to willow mtn rd - we stayed in a cabin off willow mtn rd w/ friends before our wedding. it was neat to stop there and see it again 3.5 years later.

okay, okay, some photos:

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