Tuesday, October 11, 2011

cyclocross time?

so summer ended. i did the fontana SERC race then quit bike riding for a while. after being lazy for a while i built my Specialized CRUX - it's pink - and got back on the bike. i've done a couple stackhouse races but got down to asheville CX in black mountain, NC 10/9/11 and i raced myhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif cyclocross bike sunday - boy that was fun.

after replacing my broken pedal (10mins before the start), starting in the last row (of 70 people), and dealing with my seat sliding down 3cm i was quite happy with 28th out of 66 people. it was a great race and made me feel good about how things are coming together.

i went out early this a.m. for a bike ride. and this helped me get out in the 50deg rain:

so i did some intervals (blah) and checked out the trees and rain and had these thoughts about it:

fall trees colors bright
cross, tabata intervals
leaves don't notice me

MSG cyclocross has races saturday and sunday coming up - we'll see how it goes. AND darcy and i are working on a creeper trail trip this weekend. it will be awesome! thanks for reading. jg

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Cheryl G. said...

it's no wonder you were so motivated. that is a great song to do housework too also! glad you had a good ride. thanks for sharing the picture of the fall color as I'm afraid it will be all gone by the time we see you both and Jada, in November. WOW, are the leaves ever beautiful!!! wishing you both a wonderful weekend with your new trail ride. holler at me when you get the chance so I can apologize for not returning your call to me. love you both so much and looking forward to seeing you soon. love, mom & dad and Nonnie and Bonnie