Sunday, April 10, 2005

cold coffee is gross.

stuff has been okay. trying to get a house its not going so good. or well. if youre an english person. been riding the collection of bikes a bit. mainly my enduro. rode it to work, and in p.c. recently. rode the bighit once lately. rode the singlespeed a few weeks ago. broke that chainring. sucks. getting new ones currently. waiting on my hadley rear hub. will be a sweet ass wheel. black spokes, hub, nipples, and rim. yeah. i got my final math paper back yesterday. it is all marked up. whatever. like i am supposed to fix it all by thursday. ha. tuesday night here i come. i need to see jazz. and take him camping this coming weekend. looking at hawley usa as a possible place to work. its over in lexington sc. probably move somewhere in 2008 or 2009. i need to pay my car down before i go anywhere. or sell it.


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