Tuesday, April 12, 2005

icycle dh results

Thought i'd put this up. i dont know if i am much of a downhill racer or if ill just do better jumping off stuff... but here are some results from the race i did back in february. brr.. it was cold.

Beg. Men DH
Nick Kerr 3:08

Joshua Hennessey 3:11

Leif Kruse 3:19

Joseph Grimes 3:30

Frederick Livingston 3:46

Wesly Miller 3:57

Chris Ward 4:05

Eddie McElyea 4:07

Owen Simpson 4:08

Ben Bryan 4:10

Tim Wilkie 4:17

Tim Beeching 4:19

Steve Barker 4:27

Tony Ledbertter 4:31

Darrin Tinsley 4:43

Cory Weldon 4:55

Richard Beytagh 5:35

and if youd like to compare(http://www.sycamorecycles.com/icycleresults.html) my time (on the same course as) to the sport and expert racers times you can see for yourself. 4th beginner...would be 9th sport, or 13th in expert. hmm... i could have gotten 1st in expert women. yeah. thanks for actually reading this if anyone gets this far. joseph.s.grimes

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