Sunday, April 24, 2005

summer is coming.

nobody is going to read this, so i feel like i am wasting my time. but anyways. i got a new email address. its its neat. it has POP and i can use that through the apple mail program on my computer. anyways. i also just got Tiger 10.4. its the newest OS for mac. it comes out in two weeks. hmm. arghh we be pirates.

school is wrapping up. i have a speech tuesday about my final math paper. it should be fun. not. anyways. work is going well. i forgot to order a shifter, but other than that things have gone really well since i assumed the role as store manager. i gotta give reggie credit though cause she is the one that really set it all up.

on the more personal side for updates... i am coming along well with my collection of tools for my bike workbench. rachel be jealous. i just got a Park p-handle allen wrench set. a few weeks ago i added some cone wrenches to the collection. i have a pedro's screwdriver set coming in this week. i should be able to do all repairs soon from my new apartment. i also built a rear wheel for my DH bike last week. its a perfect match for the monster front wheel. hadley DH disc hub. Sun doublewide 24" rim. DT spokes. black everything. its stealthy. i like it. it sounds good. tickticktickticktickticktick. thats how it sounds. yeah.

i am about to clean our back yard at my parents house. then go to flatrock park to try to help with the new trail.



Connors said...

Hey hun, um I am movin into an apartment complex called Carolyne Ridge. It's brand new. I havent seen you in forever! Please come visit me in the new place. Laura wont be there for a month! Hope all is well ~Connors~

RB^2 said...

dude. I haven't read your blog in ages. but I'm surprised I even remember how to navigate the web it's been such a while.

CONGRATS on the store manager position and the new tool sets (I AM jealous...damnit :)

but happy now you can fix my bike from your apt! mwahahahahh!

love ya-