Thursday, May 05, 2005

new apartment

its been a little while since i posted. i am officially done with school. forever. i took my final in renaissance art history at 1 o clock. i actually did pretty well on it. plus... last week i turned in a 4.5 page paper. it was supposed to be 10 pages. he gave me a A-. i was really happy with that. i should have got less, but dr. brown sort of likes me.

i got a $625 surprise when i got home... my final installment of a scholarship check showed up. i get to pay down my credit card a good bit. and maybe get a new pair of mtn shoes. hmm...

oh. just to brag. i have 3.0 Mbps internet. if you dont know, thats fast. hehe.

Its currently cinco de mayo, and 18 minutes after i started typing this post. so im gonna stop, and go pop the top. that rhymes. i dont know. anyways. joseph.s.grimes

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