Monday, May 09, 2005

blibbity blobbity bloo

i dont know.

i worked today. had to fix something tom screwed up on. didnt getg out of work until 6:20. we close at 5pm. anyways. i rode to work again. rode home. my car didn't move today. saving gasoline feels so good. my dad and mom brought my bike work bench down today. its in the corner of our living room. that inspired me to mess with my singlespeed. i wanted to take a link out of the chain to tension it up some, but had to put that link back. It was too short. so i put it back, then went to adjust the brakes and the screw i needed fell out. it was stripped. oh well. ill try to find a replacement tomorrow in our spare parts bin.

i think i am going to go ride after work tomorrow. phenix city. that should be fun.

last night i saw "sin city." It is really one of the coolest movies i've ever seen. its definitely got that tarantino feel too. i have a hunch he did more that just guest direct. plus its this really cool black and white with random splotches of color sort of thing too. for example, dwight's converses were red, but everything else was black and white. or goldie's hair was gold. plus, its got the girl from gilmore girls in it. as a prostitute. she doesnt get naked, but she is definitely hot. so is marv's (i think) parol officer. anyways. go see the movie before it gets nominated for a boatload of awards.


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