Tuesday, May 31, 2005

halo it is...

we've had some good few nights of halo at 106 b 7th st lately. and a three day weekend. go to work tomorrow though. but thats okay. cleaned our whole place up yesterday. then slept until noon today. memorial day. another holiday that i dont know why exists. is that the same as july 4th? but a good excuse for people to drink beer and have barbecue. for some reason my credit card shows i have negative credit. but i've made a couple $100 payments in the past week. it should be okay. hmmm. my car payment is due in two weeks. i got to go get more checks, then send one in to citizens bank. wherever they are.

i want a road bike. i hate my figure. back when i had a road bike i was good looking. hmm. i think im gonna get a langster after i get back from snowshoe, if finances are good. peace to all. or to none.


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