Thursday, May 26, 2005

chapter 6

so then the train came whistling into town, with it came dan and jen, the two craziest people this small town had ever seen. they got off around 9:22am and went into howard's bed and breakfast. there they met alison. she wasn't her usual self, tired and grumpy. she cheered up enough to say hello and start telling them her life story. dan and jen listened because they didnt want to hurt her feelings by telling her to shut up. dan had eggs and ham; jen had hashbrowns. jen likes hashbrowns.

After checking in and putting away their things, they were ready to explore what wetumpka had to offer. the strip of three stores downtown, the office depot, and the strip clubs. if there is always one thing in a small town on a big highway, its strip clubs. there has to be something keeping the truckers from getting off at other exits. the most popular trucker in these there parts was bob. bob was a big guy, wore a scruffly beard, and had a little yorkie along for almost every haul. bob went, unusually, to the antique store and ran into dan and jen. he said, "i haven't seen y'all around these here parts." this scared dan and jen because they hadn't met any huge truckers with scruffly beards before.

so dan says, "we aren't from this area, sir. we're from the city, on vacation." well, bob liked them right away and introduced them to the other folks in weumpka and took them to big birthday party at the jones' house. that's where it got interesting.

chapter 7

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