Tuesday, May 24, 2005


howdy folks who aren't reading this.

i graduated a couple weeks ago. it was boring. took three and a half hours. i ate a big late lunch/early dinner. steak. mmmm.

over the past few weeks i've been working nearly every day and riding every day to work. i've been able to ride a good bit too. like really ride. went to flat rock saturday, cause i stayed out too late. lol. then sunday we went to conyers. this army guy that was on his first mountain bike ride took a nasty, nasty fall and slid down the rock. the bike toppled a bit further. we got paramedics out there. we had to help them carry the guy back up to the ambulance. then we finished riding the second half of the trail. it was tough. nothing like conyers to start up the summer riding season.

i'm done. work, bill paying, halo-ing, sleeping, waking up, eating, riding to work, and repeating to go take care of.


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greyguitar said...

congrats on graduating. and halo-ing, sleeping, eating, etc.