Monday, January 16, 2006


just in case there was any doubt about my last post, i was talking about a bike i got rid of recently. i don't know if there was any confusion. now that thats out of the way.

i can't believe how bad its been lately.

i had those flats last week at blankets creek, and i had a crappy weekend. i had another flat at "flat" rock park. whose idea was it to name it that? haha. first time i ever noticed it. so yeah i was all psyched up about riding three laps out there and then it got cold and i had my flat. so i just rode back to the car. ugh.

today was okay. work flew by. i left my keys at home though, so when i got to work i just stood around waiting for brian. yep.

and then i went to picasso's. and we watched "team america: world police." it was funny. that was about the extent of my evening.

"goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend..." -james blunt.


RB^2 said...

america #$#@ yeah! comin around to save the mother #^&*((%& day yeah!

sorry you miss your bikey.

RB^2 said...

hey, a guys gotta save face when he can...haha.